About us

Tess Essentials: producer of the TessPaver

Tess Essentials is a Dutch company that has developed and made the TessPaver itself.

Tess Essentials started as a technical drawing office. For our clients we came up with solutions for transport systems in flower processing and in fertilizer.

These days we come up with solutions for laying heavy tiles. We have not only devised the solution, but also worked it out and we do the production in-house.
The TessPaver 120 is one of our products.
We assemble the TessPaver ourselves. We can weld, bend and drill ourselves. We even designed the box with inlay ourselves! Finally, we sell the TessPaver in our own webshop.

It is unique that we have been able to patent our own products. Not an exact copy of an existing product, but inventing or adding something that makes the product unique.

The TessPaver 120 patented

The TessPaver 120 is a patented slab lifter. We love tools that are durable, work well and last a long time. The TessPaver 120 is robust and completely mechanical.
No electronics, no vacuum, no hassle. You only need your own strength.

Tess Essentials finds it important that a product is of good quality, sustainable and works well. At first glance, the TessPaver is a simple tool. If you look a little further, you can see that every part has been carefully considered. It is an ingenious design!

When designing, we take into account many things, including:
The design must be manageable, not too many operations, affordable, likes modular design, lots of symmetrical parts so that production cannot go wrong, the weight for transport, durable, it can be recycled, it must look nice and work well of course.

Fortunately, our product developer has gained a lot of experience in the workplace. He therefore knows what you can and cannot do. It ensures that you can reach something if you need to weld something or if you have to tighten a bolt. Designing sometimes sounds simple, but it takes a lot of time.

The TessPaver is available in our webshop. We deliver worldwide. In the beginning we only delivered in the Netherlands, but soon interest came from Germany and Belgium. Now we deliver within and outside Europe. You can also find the TessPaver in Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Canada and in U.S.A.
It is fantastic to see in which countries our product is now and also how satisfied our customers are!

The TessPaver 120 has a lifting arm that can be adjusted. This allows you to push on the lever and lift the heavy tiles. It is really surprising how easy it is to lift three tiles of 40x60 cm at once and place them neatly behind each other. Do you want to try it yourself? Call us for an appointment and come visit us!

From Tromp EasyLift to TessPaver

The Tromp EasyLift has been further developed into the TessPaver. The benefits have remained. Lay more square meters in less time!


Lifting a slab of 80x80 cm 24 kg
Tess Paver 120 lifts tiles from 30 to 120 cm. Lifting a tile of 80x80x3 cm 24 kg
EasyLift TessPaver; de veelzijdige tegelleger