Compressor 12V

The 12 Volt Mannesmann Compressor is suitable for inflating pneumatic tires from the TESSPAVER 120T tile tiller. Capacity 35 liters per minute. It has a clearly readable pressure gauge, an overload protection and is splash-proof. Including 4 valve adapters, which are also suitable for car tires, bicycle tires, balls, air beds, inflatable boats.

  • Weight 2,69 kg
  • Packaging Nylon carrier bag
  • Voltage 12 V
  • Dimensions 210x120x195 mm
  • Size 10 bar


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 Inflating tires

Sometimes it happens anyway: A flat tire.
This small compressor will help you out.
It works at 12 Volts from the car and so you can quickly inflate a tire.

Also handy to inflate a ball or a bicycle tire!

Suitable for TessPaver 120T, TessPaver 220T and Tromp EasyLift 54T.

  • Weight 2,69 kg
  • Voltage 12 Volt
  • Dimensions 210x120x195 mm
  • Size 10 bar
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