TESSPaver 120s with anti-puncture tires

With the TESSPAVER 120T slab lifter you can easily lay and transport slabs. Picking up slabs in an existing terrace or tile path is also possible.

  • Innovative Dutch design
  • Lay slabs seamlessly till 120 cm
  • Several slabs at the same time pick up
  • The lever is adjustable in height
  • Maximum load 150 kg
  • Has puncture proof tyres anti-puncture tires


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 More square meters in less time

  1. Work super fast: Pick up, transport and lay with one device. With the TESSPAVER you can lay, transport and remove large, heavy tiles and slabs.
  2. You can supply multiple tiles at the same time. You can grab a stack of tiles, transport them and lay the tiles one at the time seamlessly.
  3. The slab handling device has an adjustable blade. This makes it possible to pick up, transport and to lay tiles seamlessly (thickness 3 to 8 cm).

 Grab range of 30 cm to 120 cm

  1. The TESSPAVER 120 is suitable for tiles from 30 cm to 120 cm with 2,5 cm increments.
  2. The height of the clamps allwos the transport of a stack of tile at once (up to 25 cm height).
  3. You can transport L-elements, U-elements and concrete steps.
  4. Maximum burden 150 kg.

 Large clamping force with little effort required

  1. Unlike a hand truck, the ergonomically designed lever of the TESSPAVER 120 avoids a tipping point which can lead to injuries and damaged product. This ensures that you have more control when positioning the tile surprisingly little force is required to move heavy tiles.
  2. The TESSPAVER 120 allows you to handle heavy tiles without ever having touching them with your hands. Additionally, you can carry multiple tiles in each load. The minimal effort means reduced physical strain providing an efficient transport which translates into more production in one day. The TESSPAVER 120 quickly pays for itselfs!

Easy to transport

The ergonomically designed lever can go on and off easily. It needs little space and is easy to transport.


We have consciously opted for a low-maintenance design. All moving parts are galvanized. The other parts are provided with two layers of powder coating. Of course, the cleaning and subsequent lubrication will prolong the life of the product.

Periodic (monthly) maintenance is easy to do by yourself:

  • Clean the TessPaver
    • Warning: Do not use a high-pressure cleaner when cleaning the TESSPAVER. Due to the high pressure, water can get to places where it should not.
  • Lightly lubricate the moving parts with:
    • A little waterproof grease
    • Engine oil
    • WD40 multispray
  • 120S: has "Solid wheels": Anti puncture tires
  • Grab range of 30 - 120 cm in steps of 2 1/2 cm
  • Suitable for products having a thickness of 3 to 8 cm
  • High clamp. Height max. 25 cm
  • Working load limit 150 kg
  • Dead weight 40 kg
  • The TESSPAVER is patented!
  • Tarif code / hs code 8427 9000
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