Spare wheel

Loose wheel with pneumatic tire for TESSPAVER 120 slab handling device. This contains: 

  • wheel with pneumatic tire with ball bearing 


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 Loose wheel with ball bearings for TessPaver 120T

  1. Do you need a spare wheel for the TessPaver 120T? Here you can order a loose wheel!
  2. The wheel with pneumatic tire has ball bearings. This keeps the slab lifter rolling well!

 Easy assembly 

  1. The wheels are easy to assemble.
    Loosen the screws with a torx screwdriver and remove the old wheel.
  2. Pay attention to the order of the rings and the spacer.
    Tip: put everything in order and put the new wheel in place. Put all teh rings and lids in place and tighten everything again.
  • wheel with pneumatic tire with ball bearing

Suitable for TessPaver 120 and Tromp EasyLift 54T.

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