Conversion set to solid tires

Met de ombouwset massieve banden kun je de TESSPAVER 120 / Tromp EasyLift 54T tegeltiller ombouwen. Dit bevat: 

  • four solid tires
  • two domed endcaps
  • two plain washers


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 No more flat tires

  1. With the massive tires you never have flat tires again!
  2. The conversion kit is suitable for converting the TessPaver 120T to TessPaver 120S. So from pneumatic tires to anti-puncture tires.

 Easy assembly 

  1. The wheels are easy to assemble. Loosen the existing screws and remove the old wheels.
  2. You no longer need the rings and domed endcap that belong to the pneumatic tires.
  3. First you put one solid wheel on it, the spacer, the second wheel, the delivered ring and the end cap supplied. Then tighten again.
  • four solid tires (massive tires)
  • two plain washers
  • two domed endcaps

Suitable for TessPaver 120 and Tromp EasyLift 54T.

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