Conversion to pneumatic tyres

With the conversion kit to pneumatic tyres you can convert the Tesspaver 120 slab lifter. This contains: 

  • four pneumatic tyres 
  • two domed endcaps
  • two plain washers


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 Working with pneumatic tyres

  1. With the pneumatic tires you can just enjoy riding.
  2. The pneumatic tires compensate for small bumps in the terrain.
  3. The conversion set is suitable to convert the TessPaver 120S into TessPaver 120T.

 Easy assembly 

  1. The wheels are easy to assemble. Loosen the existing screws and remove the old wheels.
  2. You no longer need the rings and covers that come with the anti-punctures.
  3. You first put one pneumatic tire on it, the van, the second wheel, the supplied ring and the supplied cover. Then tighten again.


  1. Quickly inflate a tire? Order the compressor 12 Volt!
    Small, super handy. Also for in and around the house: bicycle tires, inflating balls, etc.!
  • four wheels with mounted pneumatic tires
  • equipped with ball bearings
  • two plain washers
  • two domed endcaps

Suitable for TessPaver 120 and Tromp EasyLift 54T.

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