TESSPaver 220 Comfort T

De TESSPAVER 220T Comfort with pneumatic tires is a tile tiller with which you can lay the most common tiles. 

  • With manual operation
  • Clamp Range 15 - 60 cm
  • Innovative Dutch design
  • Maximum lifting weight 80 kg
  • With pneumatic tires


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 The new TESSPaver 220T Comfort slab handling device 

  1. The TessPaver 220T is the smaller version of the TESSPAVER 120T Slab handling device.
  2. This slab lifter is suitable to pick up tiles and laying them up to 60 cm.
  3. Comfort: Manual operation to release the tile.

 TessPaver 220T Comfort with an adjustable clamp range

  1. The clamping range is from 15 to 60 cm.
  2. The clamping range is large and adjustable.
  3. You can lay tiles and you can also move narrower products as 15 cm curbstones.
  4. The TessPaver Comfort has a manual control to release the tiles.
  5. With two types of feet:
    1. one set of feet to transport multiple tiles
    2. one set of feet to lay tiles seamlessly
  6. Max. load 80 kg
  7. This slab lifter weighs 14 kg and is super strong.
  8. TessPaver 220T Comfort is equipped with pneumatic tires.

Unique: Simple and pleasant manual operation

  • To make the work even more pleasant, the TessPaver 220T Comfort tile lifter is equipped with a simple hand control.
    If you want to release the tile, squeeze the handle and the hook will lift.
  • The lifting arm is placed at an angle. This makes lifting tiles even lighter and is therefore better for the back.
    Health and safety at work!

Load capacity slab lifter

The load capacity of the TESSPAVER 220 is 80 kilos. The TessPaver 220T slab lifter is stable and has two pneumatic tyres, so that you can work well on any terrain.

The TessPaver is of Dutch Quality

  1. The TESSPAVER 220 is a Dutch product from Tess Essentials. Tess Essentials designed this slab handling device itself and put it into production.
  2. It is robustly designed. The frame is strong, so you will enjoy it for a long time.
  3. Good quality for a competitive price.
Specifications TessPaver 220T Comfort
  • TessPaver 220T: met "tube wheels" oftewel pneumatic tires
  • Clamping range: 15 - 60 cm in steps
  • With manual operation
  • For tiles 2 - 8 cm thick
  • Minimum width of tile 25 cm
  • Maximum load 80 kg
  • Dead weight 14 kg
  • The TESSPAVER 220 is patented!
  • Tariff code / hs code is 8427 9000 90
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